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Fayth Starr

Nick Libertucci

Fayth has a passion for music, writing, preforming and helping others. Fayth was diagnosed with several different mental disorders since the age of 6. It started with anxiety, progressed to depression at the age of 12, progressed again to Manic Depression at 16, and now she is sitting at a self diagnosed (been on a waiting list for another evaluation for years) form of Borderline Personality Disorder. Regardless of the excessive amounts of diagnoses, her symptoms have remained the same. She has been on several different medications, seen countless therapists and doctors, but Fayth knows at the end of the day, the only one that can help her is herself. She has been at rock bottom many times, but is resilient and always bounces back from adversity. With her intelligence and different outlook on life, she has found her voice and plans on using it to save the lives of anyone who is struggling with mental illness.

Nick has a taste for

punk rock, guitar, art, advertising

and writing. Nick is blessed with a

curse called GAD - General Anxiety

Disorder. GAD tricks your brain into

worrying about everything.

Something that wouldnt bother

the average person would bother a

GAD victim to the full extent.

Constant anxiety attacks also occur.

The only treatment Nick needs is

friends and love. He refuses pills at

the idea of them being a crutch. He

believes therapy is only valid if it is

from a best friend. He stands by his

condition through thick and thin

because he shows it o as a gift - A

sickness he believes only makes

him stronger. Nick is here to help in

any way he can, because he

understands what the struggles

are. He is open to conversation. He

willing to save lives.


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