Speak The Silence is an organization that is planning to save the lives of many people all over the world who are afraid to speak up. We are people who have suffered, but we have found our voices and we are ready to make a change. This is a community, and we allow anyone in as long as they are willing to help make a difference in the lives of many. This is for the girl who self harms everyday and gets called a freak for it. This is for the boy who is afraid to tell his family he is seeing a therapist because he is ashamed. This is for the mother who has to go to work every single day to support her family, but her anxiety is so bad she can’t make it through the day without breaking down into tears. This is for anyone who has ever been told to “get over it” or “stop being so dramatic” when attempting to ask for help. WE UNDERSTAND YOU. Speak The Silence is the family you come to when you can’t get support from your own. We have been in your shoes and we know what its like. Speak the Silence is a reminder that you are not alone. We will be speaking up all over social media to get the attention of our stigmatic society. We are going to be raising awareness to make it known that we exist. You will not be judged here. This is a place to share anything and everything. We are not trained professionals. Just two young adults who have seen near death but have gotten out of it. Because of the lack of funding for mental health research, we felt like it was our duty to give people a safe place. We want to help as much as possible. We will try our best to make the burden of mental illness a little bit easier to deal with.

Lets band together, and create a symphony of voices that cannot be ignored. WE ARE SPEAK THE SILENCE AND WE WILL SPEAK UP FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T.

"One in every 5 Canadians will have a mental

health problem at some point in their lives"

If you're one of these five people, we can help. We don't want you feeling alone. Email us, Facebook message us,
Tweet us. We're here to talk to you and fight the battle with you. We're here to make others around you understand.
We're here to change the world.


Our Mission is to create a safe atmosphere for those who have mental illness’ by educating the world and making sure mental illness is perceived as important as any other deadly illness. We want to build a knowledgable community, and end the stigma.

We want to be the people you can learn from. The people who will teach you how to deal when you're having an atack, episode or even a bad day. You can read our posts on Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram. We know how tough it is.

After all, we've been through it.


You can trust us with anything. Our staff has been through countless mental health struggles, so we know the importance of privacy. Any email you send us, or any questions you ask will always be answered to the best of our ability and will never be shared - Always and only between you and one of our representatives.


No criminals or backstabbers here. Whatever we promise you, we stick to it. We're loyal to our clients, and never share any personal information (if any). If you don't feel safe with us, we have many links and resources to direct you to in order or you to get the counselling and help you seek.


Our staff have grown up struggling through countless anxiety, depression, and disorders. Whatever your age, we've been through it. Your comfort is our priority No matter who you are, we will be there for you, and understand your battles. We're on your side.


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